Sunday, November 6, 2011

Enjoying a Gala through new eyes.

I have had the tickets to go to the Keyano 2011 Diamond Gala from the Thursday they first went on sale. I am looking forward to going but not because of the fabulous food, amazing auction items, or  the black tie attire. All of which I know will be there, and are extremely valid reasons for going. In all honesty,  I am looking forward to going to bring my good friend to experience a gala.  She has been a solid rock in my family's life since our kids first meet in Grade 0, or as everyone calls it .... kindergarten.
From the moment I ask her to come with me I know that it will be a good night for her. I listen as she begins to plan....I have put it on the calendar...I am so excited to go....I hear it is unbelievable...and the list goes from there.  As it comes closer and closer she tells me of shopping for the perfect dress, and of hair appointments and shoes.  I can tell she is excited.  As for me...well....I am looking to the back of the closet for a dress I have not been seen in lately, and a half hour before I walk out the door I am breaking out the straightener to try to fix my hair so it is good enough.
I am driving for the night so I let her know that I will pick her up at 6:30 pm. When I arrive and open the door, the excitement of the night is contagious. She looks marvelous in a blue gown and her kids are taking her picture as she poses for the camera.  I am smiling already. 
When we arrive it is clear that they have outdone themselves again at this year's gala.  It is stunning.  Walking around with my freind, we stop and talk to people I know and people that she knows.  It is clear that she is having a wonderful time.  It brings me back to the first time I went to a gala.  It was all so wonderful and new. For me the whole goal this night is to make sure that she has a memorable evening at this event.  I explain how things will happen during the night, scope out a place to sit, bring appetizers for her to try, make runs to the bar for drinks, and spend the night in comfortable conversation with a good friend. 

Although I had considered not going this night, watching her expereience this black tie event has made me realize how lucky I am. I have a blessed life.  I know people say that all the time, but this was the reminder that I needed to snap me out a blue funk I had started to spiral into.  God has an interesting way of sneaking in through the back door to remind you of things when the front door is busy. Now this may not be the typical experience that people walk away with from an black tie gala, but as I have come to realize...I am not normal..thank goodness. 
A lesson in friendship has been reinforced this night.  What it means to work through personal issues to be there for a person you respect and has been there for you.  Not to take for granted what we have been given in life.  Make sure you give back when you are able.  And smile when someone comes into your life to remind you of this whether they know it or not.
Best quote of the night: " Every one should know what it is like to go to a Gala at least once in their life."

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