Tuesday, January 4, 2011

40 Something

Birthdays are a day to celebrate, eat cake and have red wine.  I was surprised early with my birthday presents because tomorrow is baseball night.  I usually spend both my birthday and Mother's Day beside a baseball diamond and it doesn't look like this is going to change any time soon.  This year I was pleasantly surprised as I gave no direction or hints as to what to buy.  So what did  learn? First,  I have to admit that gift certificates are not the end all be all when someone gets it right.  And second... the boys did good.
I received a 40 Something Wine Glass by Lolita that is beautiful with multicolored candles on it with 40 something written on the base.  Needless to say that the first thing that one must do when presented with such a gift is to get a bottle of good red wine - Shiraz to be exact - break out the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator and put the present to good use.  Anything else would be...well...rude.

To top off the birthday surprise I got a new Kodak Play - Sport Waterproof Video Camera.  I didn't think that I would be excited about something like that, but I was.  It is the same size as a Blackberry and can stand up to the punishment of my life.  I am not good with keeping electronics healthy.  I once had a laptop that lasted just alittle over a year - just past the warranty.  With a new blog and a new video camera that can also get still photos to use that also works under 10 feet of water?  Seeing definite potential here.  So stay tuned for some new videos of the places I have been once I figure out how to use this thing.  Manuals...one really should read manuals when dealing with new electronic toys.  Maybe that is something for tomorrow.  Tonight wine and card games.

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