Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Bottle Drive

Today was the very first bottle drive that I have EVER done.  I can a 42 year old adult that has lived in Alberta all of her life never been involved in a bottle drive before?  This is something I cannot explain.  I am involved in sports, non-profit charities and education.  All of these things practically scream bottle drive.....but alas I was a bottle drive newbie today.
So I looked to a friend of mine for help.  She is the bottle drive queen.  She knew EVERYTHING.  That was good because I knew NOTHING.  Who knew that green plastic pop bottles could not hang out with the clear plastic pop bottles? That different beer bottles cannot be put into the same box because one was a screw off lid and one was not.  There are many rules surrounding sorting bottles I found out today.
There was a lot of volunteers helping out in their disposable gloves today...parents, students and teachers...even the principal came to lend a hand on her day off.  All of the proceeds go to the Saint Gabriel School Grade Six Field Trip to Edmonton. We need enough money to make sure that all of the kids go on the field trip regardless if they have enough money or not.  Cost needs to be taken from the equation to ensure that this opportunity is not lost.
The gym at the school was taken over by a dedicated group of individuals who worked diligently to sort all the bottles, count them into clear plastic bags and finally take them down to the local bottle depot.  Bottle after bottle....bag after bag....truck load after truck all went away.  All that was left was the cleaning of the gym floor.  We worked through the "eeks" and "eeeww's"...through interesting smells....sticky floors....hands that were so covered in sticky goo that it required another change of the blue disposable gloves to continue....laughter.....jokes....and in the end a sense of accomplishment.
Does this mean that I am signing up for every bottle drive in the future?  Heck No.  But it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Well, except for the overwhelming need to vomit when you first open the door to the bottle depot downtown, but even that does go away each time you make another delivery. It does mean, however, I am no longer a bottle drive newbie. Thanx for the experience.

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