Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Baseball

Fort McMurray Minor Baseball Association has an amazing program to engage youth in this community.... Winter Baseball down at MacDonald Island.  From November until May of each year baseball is a huge part of our life.  Twice a week for an hour and a half a group of youth meet down at the field house to learn new skills, stay active and have fun.  The group's leader is Reggie Rivard and with help from volunteers the baseball drills and scrimmage runs like a well oiled machine.  With a price of only $125.00 for the entire winter ball season and a new baseball uniform which makes this an affordable for quite afew families.  It got me much would this cost elsewhere and is it even offered throughout Alberta.  So off to the Internet for me.  I found two different winter camps- one for 26 weeks at a cost of $450.00 + GST and another that was 10 weeks in duration for $250.00 + GST.  Hmmm.... makes one wonder doesn't it?  We often hear how Fort McMurray doesn't have much to do and we always pay more for things.  Rumours and half-truths are like fog, once the light shines it disparates and disappears.  We have a wonderful program right here in Fort McMurray that has done much for my family.  My son is excelling in a sport he loves, he is getting fit, and learning the importance of teamwork.  My husband has decided to volunteer with the baseball program which has helped strengthen the bond between father and son.  Not only that but both of them are spending extra time helping out on Sundays mentoring the younger kids. It is things like this that make Fort McMurray one of the best places to live.

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