Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Show and Market

I don't know how I could have forgotten that Fort McMurray Tourism was having the first ever Christmas Show and Market at MacDonald Island, but I did.  Thank goodness I was reminded in the nick of time to go.  To miss such a perfect shopping event would be unthinkable. Reports say that 6500 people in Wood Buffalo walked through the doors of this 3 day event.

With over 110 exhibitors it was a good two hours that my friend and I spent wandering through the field house and main foyer.  She was visiting from Calgary and had agreed to stay an extra day in the city so I could show her around.  Well...the fact that I could take her on a tour of MacDonald Island and shop at the same time was a serious bonus.  I had a chance to scope it out the day before for twenty minutes between activities and events so I could let her know what was there.  It was great, because my all time favorite vendor was back....the Scottish Shoppe.  Kinda' ironic because my friend is from Calgary and she travelled to Fort McMurray to visit as it turns out the vendor is actually from Calgary. So needless to say, she now has a new shop to go to in Calgary.  I was asked many times during the course of the opening of Holy Trinity school in October and the grand opening of the theatre on December 2nd, where I got my jewelry.  In case you wanted to know or missed my explanation..It is the Scottish Shoppe.  I am sure he will be back for the spring trade show on April 27th if you didn't see what you were looking for or someone purchased it out from under you.  Talking to the owner he seemed perplexed at how fast the Holy Trinity jewelry had been selling... don't worry I filled him in and told him to bring more next time. 
This was another absolutely stellar trade show and everyone that I talked to was more than happy to do the bulk of their Christmas shopping at this market.  I really hope that this becomes an annual event.  And judging from all the happy faces I would bet Wood Buffalo would agree.

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