Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finding Success in Failure

Recently I made a run for a position that I knew going into it I was going to lose.  You might ask yourself why would a person do that?  Why would you purposely enter into a race when you were destined to fail? Why would you publicly humiliate yourself like that?  I remember asking myself the same questions; Why are you doing this?  Are you doing this for the right reasons or for personal gain?  Once I found out the person I was running against I knew that I was not going to be was a not even up for discussion...heck, I voted against myself. The other person was better for the organization, had more experience, was loved by everyone in the room(myself included) and I am willing too admit that. But I got up and did it anyway.
I guess the short answer is experience. There are lessons to be found in losing. I had a chance to read the room and what they were looking for.  Now I can adjust my speech, but not move too far as  to violate of my personal beliefs.  Tweaking is always good though.  The people know that I am serious about moving forward.  They now know a little more about what I believe in.  They may not agree and that is their prerogative.  I do not agree with everything other people say but I do try to enter into a conversation with an open mind.  I may be wrong.  Now, these may seem to be the standard answers that one gives for lessons learnt when defeated. Does not make them any less valid though.
For me there is something more at play though.  It is personal victory over fear.  Fear can hinder us. It can make us cower in the corner of life and become passive participants.  Each time a challenge comes your way you can go the safe middle road or challenge yourself to move past and get better.  Isn't the goal in life is to be better than we were before?  To give more than before?  To find the boundaries....push them...then give them a swift kick for good measure?  I may have not won the position, but I feel good about challenging myself to become a better person.  In the end, isn't that what we desire out of life?

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