Monday, September 5, 2011


What an amazing weekend in celebration of SummersEND.  Events Wood Buffalo kicked one out of the park once again with this concert line up.  I am a country fan from way back.  Growing up with the likes of Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash providing the musical backdrop to a young life surrounded by horses, rodeo and cowboy hats.  I still have fond memories of my horses and the words of wisdom from my parents, " You can't ride with a saddle until you learn how to ride without."
So it was with great anticipation that I discovered that one of my favorite artists of all time was coming to Fort McMurray...Reba McEntire.  And she did not disappoint.  It was a prefect blend of old and new songs that had the crowd on their feet cheering and singing along. Reba herself tweeting about her experience in Fort McMurray. "Wow!!!! What a great audience tonight in Ft. McMurray AB!!! Thanks for the super hospitality!!"  & "Beautiful up here in Ft. McMurray, AB Canada!!!!!"

The second night was the Dierks Bentley Concert.  Once again the crowds came to partake in a fun night full of cowboy hats, stomping of cowboy boots and dancing.  As we sang out the words to our favorite songs it was clear that Fort McMurray has a country heart.

 The third night George Canyon took the stage.  It was clear that the crowd, many who had been to every concert, had not lost their love for Country music.  We sang along to Johnny Cash Classics to the ole' time favorite " Battle of New Orleans".  With a sense of humour George had his band serenade each other with Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" that soon had the crowd laughing and cheering them on.  The song " I Want You to Live" was dedicated in honour of the Portraits of Honour that provided the backdrop for his concert was heartbreakingly moving. 
 When the dust has settled and the cowboy hats and boots put away we will have lasting memories of a weekend celebration that has once again proved to the world that Wood Buffalo is the best place to live.  We have Big Spirit and unyielding pride in our community and this was a weekend for both. 

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