Monday, August 8, 2011

InterPLAY Thespianism

I have lived in Fort McMurray since 1993 and this was the first year that I have actually went to the plays at InterPLAY.  I have gone each year to watch the music on main stage, and looked at the vendors, but not the plays.  Well, actually I take that back I have been to one and it was a Katie's Playhouse Production....the name eludes me, however I did like it.  Now, don't get me wrong I LOVE theatre.  I have been to the Broadway shows in Edmonton over the past year, I get a season's pass to Keyano Theatre each year, and have recently decided to become a Theatre Angel.  How and why I have never been to the various plays that are available before remains a mystery.
This year I went to a total of five plays.  Maybe it was because I had friends performing in the first two plays that I went to see...."Waiting for The Parade" and "The Santaland Diaries".  Both of which were solid performances.  "Waiting for the Parade" had powerful performances that had me at one time looking at the floor instead of the actress to collect my emotions for a moment, while "The Sanataland Diaries" had me laughing and giggling at the hilariously brilliant life of an elf in a department store.  It was from here that I was bit by the InterPLAY bug.  I wanted to see more.  Even though I slept pass my first play on the next day I was determined to make up for it.  I purchased tickets for three more- in retrospect I really should have got a InterPLAY button, but I was certain I would not need it as I wasn't going to be going to alot of plays - that one wrong.  The first play of the afternoon was "Teddy and The Black Dog" - not one that I particularly enjoyed.  It was off to a rough start....maybe things will get better I thought to myself.  Things definitely picked up when I saw "Castle in the Sky" which was exactly what I needed to restore my faith in the arts.  I found it fascinating how they would use minimal changes in wardrobe...a changing of a scarf, a bandanna or hat to mark the differences in characters they were portraying.  My last play of the day was "Rubbish" which was a physically funny play which had two guys portraying shrunken people at a garbage dump who had to interact with many interesting bugs that live there.

I also worked the Kin Canada Beer Garden for three evenings and had an opportunity to listen to some great music.  Would I have stayed and listened to this much music every night without volunteering...probably not, but I am glad that I did.  Thursday night was my favorite band..Johnny Guitar.OK...I may be a bit biases though.  My husband Ken is lead singer and guitarist for the band. 
However I was impressed with the entire Blues evening line-up.  On the second night I showed up for my shift it was country music.  Have to admit I am also quite a country fan as I grew up with country music, horses and rodeo.  It was another great night of music.  The last night I worked the beer garden it was heavy metal night.  I was not looking forward to a night of music that I cannot understand the words, however after FOZZY took the stage I was good to go.  I rocked out in my military green and jeans until the wee hours of the rainy evening.

So from the beginning of doubt to a full fledged convert...InterPLAY has a new supporter.  Next year I may even out do my five plays.  Either way I know I am getting a InterPLAY pass and I will most likely be helping the Kinettes in the beer garden every night.  Wood Buffalo has done it again.  Thank you to all the volunteers and performers who have made this a weekend that I will always remember.

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